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How to keep yourself safe during pride!

Pride is the biggest celebration of the LGBTQ community in the world and every year Cardiff celebrates with a massive two-day event spectacle within the heart of the city.

If pride is your first event or you’re a veteran, keeping your personal security in mind is important. There are a number of potential risks and threats, so it’s always best to be prepared for anything that may ruin your experience.

If you’re worried about your personal security, then take a look at our guide on staying safe at pride.


Consider bringing a cheaper or older model phone which is unlikely to get stolen. 

Take a bumbag or money belt rather than a rucksack or a handbag as criminals will catch sight of these and attempt to open or take them – especially in crowded areas.

Disposable cameras may be a thing of the past, but they are less of a target to criminals compared to expensive digital camera’s or phones. If you cannot get hold of a disposable camera, take an older model camera. 

Never leave your valuables unattended even for a few minutes. If you are sat with a group of friends, make sure that all of your bags are in the middle of the group. If you need to leave to get food or use the toilet, ask one of your friends to keep an eye on your bag.

Download ‘Find your phone’ on your smartphone so if someone did steal your phone, you can track it and hopefully get it back securely.


Sexual Harassment/attacks:

If you feel pressured into anything sexual or get harassed, get the attention of the event security staff who should be on-site 24/7, or tell a friend where you are immediately.

Stay in groups of friends and never walk away on your own, even if you know the layout of the event grounds.

If you see something which classes as sexual harassment or violence, report it to the event security or police right away – don’t just walk away.


Anti-social behaviour:

Stay out of arguments or fights and report anything which gets out of hand to event security.

If you feel uncomfortable in an area of the event, move somewhere else away from arguments or anti-social behaviour.

Report anything suspicious to event security staff or call 999 in an emergency – such as people in possession of weapons.

Respect other event-goers so don’t try to get a good spot for a performance – everyone is there for a good time and to feel safe.



Do not accept illegal highs from anyone – no matter how much that person is trying to convince you.

Stay hydrated and eat well.

Weather in the UK can be unpredictable so make sure you have adequate outerwear such as pack-away raincoats and daps.

Carry a first aid kit with you for minor injuries such as cuts, grazes and stings.



Report any suspicious activity, bags or objects to event security or police and get far away as possible.

If you think there is an emergency, call 999 and look out for event security staff who have walkie-talkies or radio mics

If something does happen – keep calm and follow instructions from event staff/emergency services.

Keep your phone charged in case you need to make an emergency call and let people know that you are safe.


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