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Rugby World Cup: How to stay safe in Japan

This year Japan plays host to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, seeing countries from both northern and southern hemispheres battling out to win the rugby world cup trophy.

Although Japan has been voted and reported as one of the safest countries in the world to visit, it is still important to remain vigilant.

So, what should you do to keep yourself safe?

Keep your belongings with you at all times

Although Japan is one of the safest countries in the world in terms of criminal activity, there are still pickpocketers. If you are in crowded places such as public transport or moving around a stadium, pickpocketers will see this as an easy opportunity to steal mobile phones, wallets and purses. To ensure that you aren’t targeted by pickpocketers ensure that your mobile phone or wallet is in the front pocket of your trousers and your hand is on top of it. If you have a backpack or handbag, make sure that it is in front of you and you have your hand on the zip or clasp – ensuring that no one can open your bag and reach in.


It’s important to avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you in any public areas. In neighbourhoods of Roppongi and Kabuki-Cho in Tokyo, there are known reports of fraudulent credit card charges. To avoid charges don’t allow waiters or vendors to make any transactions with your credit card on their own as they can copy information. Keep an eye on your credit card all the time, especially when paying at restaurants, shops and especially in bars.

Watch your drink

Although you are least likely to get kidnapped or mugged, there is that potential risk that someone will try to harm you while visiting a bar or club. If you are visiting a local bar or club or buying a drink at a stadium, ensure that your drink is covered and with you at all times so that it is not spiked. If you are leaving to use the toilet – make sure that your group keep an eye on your drink at all times. If you are getting a new drink, make sure that to watch the bartender – if you see any suspicious activity with your drink leave it and report it to security or other bar staff. Also, if a stranger offers you a drink, kindly decline.

Sexual Harassment

When travelling on public transport between towns and cities during rush hour, there have been noted incidents of men groping women on trains (however, they usually target local women) If you feel that you are being harassed, move to another part of the train or bus. If you still feel unsafe – alight at a station and report it to local authorities.  If you witness any sexual harassment do not ignore it. Report it!


Japan has the lowest risk of terrorism in the world, but it is still important to remain vigilant. If you see any unattended bags in suspicious areas within a stadium, neighbourhood or on public transport move away from it and report it to security or local authorities.

Here are some other tips to keep yourself safe when visiting japan.

  • Ensure your card details are covered –  when taking money out an international ATM it is important your card PIN details are covered so that they aren’t stolen to perform fraudulent charges.
  • If you’re lost ask for directions – if you are unsure of where you are or lost ask either the local police or shop owners for directions. Even though smartphones and tablets are great for downloading map directions, if these get stolen you might want to keep a physical copy of directions to places of safety.
  • Stay up-to-date – When walking around and visiting cities between matches it is important to know what is going on. If you are in a city it’s important to know if any rallies or large events are going on.
  • Take a portable charger – if you’re walking around Japans many attractions or watching a rugby match, it is advisable to take a portable charger with you to avoid having a flat phone battery and being uncontactable if you get separated from your friends.

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University Guide – Keeping yourself safe during Freshers Week

With the university academic year starting soon, the biggest student party will be marked on every student’s calendar – Freshers Week!

Bars and night clubs in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and RCT will be filled to the brim with students through the week – all looking to enjoy a good time. But Freshers week is the perfect time for criminals to strike – pickpocketing phones and/or money, administering drugs to un-suspecting students or dealing drugs to students who want to experience illegal highs.

So, with Freshers week fast approaching, what can you do to keep yourself safe?


Take a cheap or older phone – Phones are one of the most targeted items by pickpocketers. Often if pickpocketers see an older or cheap phone, they won’t attempt to take it from you.

Keep your phone or wallet in front of you – A lot of students will often put their wallets or phones in their back pockets and female students will have handbags which can be easily reached by pickpocketers. To prevent pickpocketers from going after your phone or wallet, place them in the front pockets of your trousers and keep your hand on top. If you have a handbag, make sure that it is in front of you and keep your hand on the zip or clasp so no one can open it and reach in.

Use a passcode and Install ‘Find my Phone’ – Having a passcode is a basic but secure way to make sure that no one can gain access to important information on your phone. If your phone has been stolen, a passcode can act as a way to prove if your stolen phone is in fact either the pickpocketers or yours. If you are worried about your phone being stolen, install ‘Find my Phone’. This allows you or security to track your phone and is a fast way of getting your phone back.


Sexual Harassment or attack

Sexual Harassment or attack – If you are in a situation in a night club/ bar or outside and feel that you are being harassed or going to be potentially attacked, get the attention of security guards on doors or any police that are present. If you are with friends and cannot get the attention of security or police, tell them immediately and try to move away.

Stay in a group – Staying in a group ensures that you don’t get separated by anyone trying to harass you. Don’t wander off on your own and if you are going to the bar or toilet, tell your friends where you are going so they know where you will be and will expect you to return.

Report it – If you or a group of friends see any sexual harassment or attack on another person, immediately report it to security or police. Don’t ignore it.


Anti-Social Behaviour

Stay out of arguments or fights and report anything which gets out of hand to security.

If you feel uncomfortable in a night club or bar, move somewhere else to save arguments or anti-social behaviour.

Report anything suspicious to security staff or call 999 in an emergency – such as people in possession of weapons.



Illegal Drugs – If you are in a night club/ bar make sure that your drink is in front of you or is covered by your hand. If you are by the bar getting a drink, make sure to keep track of your drink while it’s being made or served and if you see anything suspicious, send it back and request another one. If you see someone slip something into another persons’ drink – let that person know not to drink their drink and report it to security.

If you are outside or in a bathroom inside the bar/night club and are offered drugs – do not accept them no matter how much either the dealer or others try to persuade you. If you do see any drug deals or any other suspicious behaviour – report it immediately to security or police.

If someone is under the effects of drugs – report it to security or police so that they can notify emergency services.



Although there haven’t been many reported attacks on night clubs and bars during Freshers week it is still important to remain vigilant.

Suspicious Activity – If you see anyone acting suspiciously or see a suspicious object such as a bag, report it immediately to security or police and move as far away as possible.

Emergency – If you do feel that there is an emergency get the attention of security or call 999. If there is an emergency, keep calm and follow the instruction of security staff or the police.

Take a portable charger – If there is an emergency or you are separated from friends in an emergency, take a portable charger to keep your phone fully charged so that you can contact emergency services or friends.


A&R Security Services provide professional security services in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport and RCT. If you are interested in manned/ mobile security, alarm installation and monitoring, and secure key holding services – call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.