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Trealaw Primary School – Keyholding and alarm response Case Study

With schools becoming increasing targets for theft and vandalism, it is important for them to be vigilant and have the right security measures in place such keyholding services and alarm response.

So, when an alarm is sounded, it important to have a security provider that can quickly respond and deal with the situation (even if it’s a false alarm).

One school in Rhondda Cynon Taff were having their keyholding services provided by the local authority. Although Trealaw Primary was being provided with keyholding and alarm response services from the local authority, they wanted to see if they could find a security provider that could provide them with an even better service.

As Trealaw primary school were already being provided professional cleaning services from our sister company A&R Cleaning Services, they approached A&R Security Services for a quotation and to find out what other services we provided.

They found our security services to be competitive, but Trealaw Primary also loved the incident reports that they would receive and having the ability to access the client part of our systems.

Within the first week of us taking over the keyholding services, the alarm was sounded, and we attended the site within 30 minutes to find that a pigeon had gotten into the school and had set off the security alarm.

We were able to safely remove the pigeon from the building and provide the school with a full incident report and secured the window in which the pigeon had gotten in. After the incident, Trealaw primary were very impressed with our response time and how we dealt with the incident and look forward to working with us going forward in both cleaning and security.

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Case Study: Old Castle Primary School

With recent budget cuts to the education sector many schools in South Wales and the UK are feeling the squeeze – with funding for teachers, extracurricular activities being cut. So, schools have had to come up with ingenious ways for generating extra funding for themselves.

Many schools offer after school clubs for families who can’t get childcare for after school or offer their school as a venue space for local organisations and groups.
One school in particular who has felt the recent squeeze is Old Castle Primary School. Old Castle Primary school has the capacity to hold large parties, classes and even meetings within their classrooms. One organisation that regularly uses their main hall is a local choir group based in Bridgend.

At the time Old Castle Primary schools’ caretaker would lock the school every Thursday after choir practise had finished – ensuring that no one else would be able to access the school. However, the caretaker was no longer able to lock up the school – meaning that Old Castle Primary could have potentially lost their way of generating extra income.

A&R were already providing cleaning services during out of hours and when it was announced that the caretaker could no longer secure the school after the local choir’s choir practise – that is when A&R Security Services stepped in. A&R Security services were able to employ a secure key holder to ensure that every Thursday after choir practise, the schools security system was armed and that all doors and windows were secured before leaving the building.

Having secure key holding allows Old Castle Primary School to continue offering their school as a venue for local organisations and groups in and around the area of Bridgend. Alongside securing the school after hours, any alarm alerts are quickly responded too and logged by our secure key holder – giving them peace of mind that their school is in safe hands.

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