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How to keep your business safe during lockdown

With Wales now put into lockdown to prevent further spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) many businesses have closed their doors to ensure the safety of their staff and the public.

However, with the closure of these businesses, many will be vulnerable to criminal activity such as burglaries, vandalism and malicious damages. So, what are they doing to protect themselves during these trying times?

Some businesses will have security measures such as CCTV and alarm systems in place. But these are sometimes not enough to dissuade and protect them from criminals.  To help keep your business safe during this lockdown period here are some effective security measures:

Identify Risks and Objectives.

Conducting risk assessments prior to hiring a professional security service will highlight areas within your business that will need additional security. This will help identify which area of your business is weakest against criminal activity and allows you to implement security measures accordingly.

If your business is still operating but only with a small team then it may be sensible to invest in manned security to increase your security measures.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Finding someone to be able to hold onto your business’ extra set of keys and respond to alarm call outs at this time can be difficult. Outsourcing your keyholding services to a professional security provider will ensure that there is always someone is available to hold onto your extra set of key and quickly respond to call out – giving you peace of mind.

Manned Guards

Manned guards are both an effective deterrent against criminal activity and effective at crowd control. If your business is still in operation, manned guards can be used to control the number of visitors to your building and ensure that they are sanitising their hands before coming in. Also, if your business is closed over the lockdown period manned guards can be placed inside to monitor CCTV or placed at key access points to ensure that no one attempts to get inside.

Mobile Patrols.

Mobile patrols are another effective deterrent against criminals. Mainly used to patrols large building or areas, mobile patrols guards can patrol the perimeter of your business (Externally or internally) ensuring that access points such as doors, windows and skylights are secure and look out for any suspicious behaviour or disturbance. Mobile patrols can also be key holders, allowing them to quickly respond to any alerts at your business and investigate.


Having these security measures in place can help ensure the safety of your business during the lockdown period. If you are going into lockdown but would like to invest in further security, then please take a look at our website for further details or call us on 01656 713950

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Coronavirus – What do you need to know?

During this Coronavirus crisis, many law enforcement and security guards are expected to carry on their usual levels of service to both the public and to businesses in Cardiff and in South Wales. For both law enforcement and security guards to continue with their work, it is important that they are aware of the following information: recognition, protection, personal protection equipment (PPE) and how to respond correctly if exposed.

Below are some helpful guidelines to help you during this Coronavirus crisis.

Recognise signs and symptoms of Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) and the NHS have issued a list of symptoms to look out for. Symptoms of the Coronavirus may include fever, a dry and continuous cough, and shortness of breath. Symptoms can appear after a few days or a long as a fortnight.

If you have these symptoms, self-isolated for 7-14 days. If symptoms are unbearable, please call NHS line 111.

Protect yourself

The guidelines from the W.H.O and NHS has stated to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters (6ft) from other persons (especially those displaying symptoms). Ensure that there are hand sanitisers close to entrance ways and practise proper hand hygiene by washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water. It is also important to know what the protocol is for assessing any persons with suspected Coronavirus.

Wear PPE (Personal, Protective, Equipment)

When dealing with any persons who have suspected Coronavirus, ensure that your building or your security vehicle has disposable latex gloves, disposable single-use gowns/coveralls and protective eyewear. This will help protect you from potential spread to yourself and other persons.

Close contact

If you have been in close contact with an individual that may have the Coronavirus, make sure to clean and disinfect your hands and security gear that you may be wearing. Use antibacterial wipes, sprays or gels to disinfect and follow the instructions accordingly. When wearing PPE with a suspected person, follow correct protocols and guidelines to dispose of. If your clothes have been contaminated, contain them in a single-use bag and wash them immediately in a high-temperature wash. Any cases or exposure to the coronavirus is to be documented.

If you are in a building that sees a high amount of people coming in and out or mingling within a certain area, look out for potential signs of exposure and ensure that visitors are practising good hand hygiene along with yourself and other members of staff within the building. If you do suspect someone of the coronavirus, ensure that they are isolated from other visitors/members of staff and you follow the correct procedures.

For further information about our Security Services, visit our website or get in touch with us on 01656 713950

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How to improve your school’s security

Within today’s society there are people out there looking to damage, vandalise or even destroy school property. With increased incidents regarding these types of anti-social behaviour, it is important that schools keep their pupils, staff and property safe.

The highest threat that schools face is criminals breaking down or jumping fences to damage school property or even harm pupils. Creating a safe place for children should be a high priority for schools and so should look at ways to improve their current security measures.

To improve your school’s security there are numerous ways of implementing effective security measures. To help protect your school here are some effective measures that we provide:

Key Holding and Alarm Response:

Many schools will have their own caretake to open and close their school and respond to any alarm alerts during unsociable hours. Outsourcing your keyholding and alarm response services will ensure that someone is guaranteed to check that all areas of your school is secure during the evening and quickly respond and report and alarm alerts.

Access control:

Schools will have a reception area that is often closed off to the rest of the school. However, some schools don’t have this and often see criminals walk into a school without the need for permission. Manned guards can be stationed in reception areas, asking visitors to sign in and out when visiting and who they are there to see.


Night-time is usually when criminals will strike a school. Having mobile patrols walk around your school can ensure that all areas of your school is secure and can check for any signs of disturbance. They can also be an effective deterrent by conducting regular or irregular patrols around your schools, making them less predictable and potentially putting criminals off.

Having these security measures in place is mainly to protect and keep pupils safe from harm. There are many laws surrounding security for schools, so it’s important that they get their measures exact. However, there are problems that can arise, such as:

  • Before, during and after school, pupils can roam across school premises meaning that there are opportunities for unauthorised personnel to get into your school and steal assets.
  • With technology becoming a regular site within schools, many have restricted access online. However, there are criminals that are able to ‘Break in’ and steal valuable information, causing damage to your school.
  • Assets such as computers, laptops, monitors, tablets and projectors are the most valuable within a school and present criminals with a tempting target. To ensure that they are safe, lock them away within secure cupboards or have anti-theft cables and locks if they cannot be moved.
  • Fire alarms are a very easy way to cause a distraction to steal or cause large amounts of damage to a school.

If you are wanting to improve your school’s security through the use of professional security services then take a look at our website or give us a call on 01656 713950

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Are metal thefts on the rise again?

Metal thefts have a severe impact on a multitude of industries and services within England and Wales.

In 2017 the UK government reported saying that with the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, it found that the number of metal thefts fell by more than three quarters in 4 years.

However, with the change in markets and the increase in metal prices, many historical properties, memorials and monuments, services and industries are being targeted.

In recent times Network Rail has reported an 85% increase in the theft of live cables, leading to 950 hours of delay and affecting more than 7,000 journeys across England and Wales. Alongside rail services, Churches across England and Wales have seen an increase in metal thefts, with their lead roofs being stripped and sold for scrap. One striking example was when 20 tonnes of lead – the entire roof – was stolen from All Saints’ Church in Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire last October. It is estimated that at the prices then it might bring the thieves £25,000 but will cost the church £400,000 to replace.

Although many properties and services are being targeted for their valuable metals there are ways to prevent criminals from stealing.

SelectaDNA ‘Grease’

This product has been developed so that it can be painted onto metals such as Zinc, Copper and Lead. If a thief handles any metals with this grease painted on them, it can transfer onto their hand or cloths and become very difficult to remove – linking them to the crime. The grease is also UV reactive and has a unique DNA signature that can be easily traced.

Painting this specially designed grease makes metals ‘Hot property’ and no one would want to go near them, leading to the prices of metal on the open market to fall.

Install CCTV

CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent against criminals as they do not want to be recognised when committing a crime. When installing CCTV make sure that they are high up and in areas where they cannot be tampered with or damaged.

If you can, hire manned guards during unsociable hours to monitor CCTV activity on your property as they can quickly respond and notify you and the police of any suspicious activity

Security Lighting

Security lighting comes in a vast range of sizes and models but is an effective deterrent (especially when used alongside CCTV Cameras). Security lights can be triggered by movement and can light up anyone that may be attempting to steal any metals.

When installing Security lighting, make sure that they are in a high are and cables are out of reach or are buried within floors or walls so that they cannot be damaged or tampered with.

Remove bushes and other hiding places

Bushes may look pretty but they can make ideal hiding places for criminals that are looking to steal valuable metal. If you have bushes on your property, make sure that they aren’t located close to your building and are at an ideal distance that makes spotting criminals easier.

Remove bins and ladders

Any property that you visit will have large wheelie bins and ladders. When closing your business or property down for the evening, make sure that they are locked away or moved where they cannot be reached and used to get on top of your roof.

Mobile Patrol and Manned Guard Security

Although this may be a more drastic measure for smaller businesses or churches, for larger businesses and construction sites that deal with metal mobile patrols and manned guards are an effective way to deter criminals and protect your property

Manned Guards

Manned guards are an effective deterrent against criminal activity. Some businesses see a lot of activity in and out of their business and it can be difficult to keep track of everyone.

Manned guards can be stationed close to main entrances, checking vehicles and personal coming in and out of your property. They can also conduct monitoring duties where they can monitor CCTV cameras for any suspicious activity within the property and quickly respond.

Manned guards can also restrict the number of people or vehicles on your site at a certain time during the day, making it easier for them to monitor who is on your site but also their activity.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols can conduct perimeter patrols around your property either by foot or by branded vehicles. Mobile patrols can be conducted at regular or at irregular intervals, making them less predictable to criminals who may be watching your property.

If mobile patrols are away from your property and there is a disturbance, they can quickly respond and check for any suspicious activity or persons within your property.

A&R Security Services can provide professional security solutions to businesses across South Wales. To see further information about our security services visit our website or to arrange a meeting call us on 01656 713950

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Report: Women within the Security Industry

The security industry is one of the largest industries within South Wales and the UK and with the progression of equal representation between men and women within the workplace, many will think that the security industry would be equal.

However, it isn’t.

In a recent report carried out by Perpetuity Research, they explored the experiences of women within the security industry and identified key areas for industry development. The findings within the report are based on 706 survey responses and 21 interviews with female security professionals who carry out or manage staff and who undertake physical security roles.

The report carried out highlighted that many women hold a positive perception of the security industry and not all women who partook in the survey had struggled to progress or face discrimination within the security industry.

However, it became apparent that there are a number of potential barriers for women who want to enter or progress within the sectors and as such, there is a clear need for the industry to address these barriers. Many of the women who took part in the research proposed suggestions that would be a general benefit to the industry by not only attracting and retaining female security personnel but by helping dispel the outdated perceptions of what physical security work involves and creates a working environment that is attractive to all and enables all staff to be treated equally.

Perpetuity’s Research’s Research Manager, Charlotte Howell, noted: “while gender imbalance in some workplaces is no new concept, it is notable that women remain particularly under-represented in the physical security workforce. Crucially, some respondents that had previously worked In other sectors (prison or police service) felt that security was lagging behind. There remains a perception that the security industry is a man’s world. But equally, it was clear that the security sector offered exciting, challenging and interesting careers to people with a wide range of skills and attributes. The research highlighted the need for employers to take stock of their approach and consider the steps they can take to attract high calibre recruits regardless of gender, and further, once recruited, to ensure their workforce is truly treated equally”

To see the full Perpetuity Research report, click here. A&R Security Services offers professional Security Solutions to businesses across South Wales and the South West. To see more visit our website or call us on 01656 713950

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Explaining the SIA licensing process.

When providing security services for commercial properties, construction, and events it is important that your security staff are SIA licensed to operate.

So, to help explain the SIA licensing process here is some helpful information

When can you lawfully work in a licensable role?

You can lawfully work in a licensable role in the following circumstances:

You hold a current, active license for that activity or you hold a current active license for a different activity and SIA rules allow you to work in your role with that licences (for example, you hold a door supervisor license and you work as a security guard) or you work for an SIA approved contractor and they have issued you with a personal Licence Dispensation Notice (LDN). For the LDN to be Valid ALL of the following condition must be met:

  1. You have an application for an SIA licence that is at the ‘Checks in Progress’ Stage
  2. Your application is for a sector in which the company is approved
  3. SIA has authorised the company to issue an LDN

You cannot lawfully work while you are applying for an SIA licence if:

  • You don’t work for an approved contractor
  • You work for an approved contractor but some or not all conditions have been met.

Please note:

  • LDN’s are not issued by the SIA and are issued by your employer who is an approved SIA contractor
  • LDN’s are only valid we the SIA processes your application
  • If your licence is granted and you are waiting for it to arrive in the post, you are legally allowed to undertake licensed security activity. This is because you are considered licenced from the point the SIA make their decision.
  • There is no such thing as a “temporary license” or “temporary licence number”. All SIA licenses are valid for three years. The duration of SIA licenses is set in law and the SIA do not have the power to vary this.
  • It is not your job title that determines whether or not you need a license, it’s what you do. If you undertake any activity such as Manned guarding, mobile patrols or key holding without a valid licence or a properly issued LDN, you will be breaking the law.

To find out more about Licensing applications click here. A&R Security Services provide effective security solutions across South Wales. All of our security guards are fully vetted, licensed and trained to give you the best service and protection for your business. To find out more about our security services visit our website or call 01656 713950

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What is Concierge Security?

Whether you visit a hotel or a large corporate building in Cardiff, you will see someone on the reception desk welcoming visitors and answering queries. However, with recent events making businesses such as these step up their security, many are investing in concierge or Front of house Security services.

But if you are looking to invest in Concierge Security, do you know what it is?

Here we look at what concierge security is and what the service entails.

What is Concierge Security?

Concierge Security acts as another form of reception where they greet visitors to your building, take messages and answer any queries. But Concierge security staff also have the ability to control access to your building (whether that is internal or external) monitor CCTV and quickly responding to any emergency situations.

What services does Concierge Security provide?

Control access to your building

If your business deals with a lot of sensitive information or expensive equipment, you want to keep unauthorised personal out. Concierge security guards can check who is coming into your building and issue them key cards or fobs that only allow them into certain parts of your building. If your building can only be accessed with a key code, card or fob from the outside and visitors are there to see someone within your building, they can check and grant access when approved and have them sign a visitors log.

Monitor CCTV

Many businesses have CCTV within their building but during the evening it can difficult to arrange a member of staff to monitor CCTV.

Concierge Security guards can monitor CCTV cameras throughout the day and evening, ensuring that anyone acting suspiciously or trying to break into your building are quickly responded too and apprehended. Alongside looking out for suspicious activity within your building, concierge security guards can monitor CCTV for any maintenance issues and quickly notify your facilities management team.

Deal with emergencies

Whether its someone seriously hurt or a fire alarm going off, it important to have someone who knows how do deal with an emergency in a professional manner. Concierge Security guards are fully trained to deal with any kind of emergency, whether that is administering first aid to a visitor or member of staff, calmly instructing staff and visitors to exit the building in a calm manner if there is a fire or to quickly apprehend a criminal and escort them from the premises.

Carry out Health & Safety checks

Health and safety should be a top priority when wanting to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors. Concierge security guards can carry out health and safety check within your building, ensuring that there the correct H&S procedures are being followed and report any maintenance issues.


If you are looking for concierge services for your business, then speak to A&R Security Services. We ensure that we provide a tailored service that suits your needs and our concierge security guards provide visitors and staff 5-star customer service. If you wish to find out more about our concierge security services, then visit our website or give us a call on 01656 713950

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Government backs Martyn’s Law airport security for venues

In May 2017 the UK witnessed the biggest and most terrorising attack at Manchester Arena, where 22 people lost their lives. Since then the UK government has increased its terror threat and has increased security measures such as banning backpacks and large bags from large concert venues to prevent further harm to the public and prevent further terror attacks.

Since the attack, there have been campaigns to increase anti-terror security measures. This includes a campaign led by Ms Murray after her son Martyn Hett was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing. Her campaign wants to see concert and sporting venues to have airport-style checks to prevent further terror attacks against the public and in January 2020 the government-backed ‘Martyn’s Law’.

Security Minister Brandon Lewis said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ‘100%’ behind the plans for bag searches and metal detectors at venues across the UK.

In January 2020, Manchester City Council announced that they were adopting the new law early and although there are no set deadlines to when venues will be seeing these new security measures, Ms Murray was happy with the move.

Now, the Home office has said it will consult on Martyn’s Law and see which venues will need to prepare for any terror risk.

Ms Murray said, “This consultation is the start of making us all that bit safer”… “Public venues already have all sorts of obligations from fire prevention to health and safety – but until now there has been no duty to protect their customers”…”Martyn’s law will change that. It’s a common-sense step that will save lives in the future”

To see more about Martyn’s Law story, visit the BBC website here.

If you are a public venue and would like additional security, please take a look at our event security services or call us on 01656 713950

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Improving your corporate security

When running a corporate business, especially a large one, it can sometimes mean that some things such as security can be placed on the back burner. However, you shouldn’t put your business’ security as an afterthought. In the UK, crimes against businesses cost around £9 billion pounds per year, which means it’s imperative you secure your business and assets.

To ensure your business’ safety, you may want to consider hiring security services to prevent harm to your staff and your business’ reputation.

No matter the types of business you have, protecting your staff and visitors should be a top priority especially if you want to make them feel safe within the workplace.

To ensure that your staff and visitors are safe from harm, here are some suggestions that could be implemented when looking to hire a professional security provider.

Ensure staff are protected

Ensuring your employee’s wellbeing and safety should be a top priority and having professional security will let them know that you consider their safety.

Within emergency situations, you should protect your staff by having them evacuate your building safely. However, staff shouldn’t be subject to threatening or violent behaviour

To ensure the safety of your employees and prevent any unauthorised persons from entering your building, think about issuing your staff with ID cards and pin codes for door access.

If you have a reception area that sees a high frequency of people, then hiring manned guards can give that added level of protection – quickly responding to anyone or anything that may be suspicious.

Increase visibility with high-quality CCTV

Installing CCTV cameras will allow you to see any potential threats and quickly respond to them. Within businesses there are many blind spots that trespassers can exploit, meaning that they can be difficult to see or even identify. Having CCTV cameras in areas that cover blind spots not only means that you can spot a potential threat, you can also use footage as evidence of a crime taking place within your business.

Identify Risks and Objectives.

Conducting risk assessments prior to hiring a professional security service will highlight areas within your business that will need additional security.

If your business sees a high frequency of visitors, consider implementing visitor security procedures with your reception or concierge – instructing them to issue visitor ID passes and having them sign a visitors’ book.

If your business operates during the evening, it may be worth in hiring manned guards to work during unsociable hours to maximise security.

First aid training and evacuation procedures

Within a business, accidents happen, whether that is a fall or a cut. It’s standard procedure for businesses to have a designated first aider on-site, in case any accidents do happen. If an accident does happen, manned guards can quickly respond and act accordingly. To ensure that accidents don’t happen within your business, conduct regular checks on workspaces, stairwells and access points.

If your business is large, it is important to have an evacuation procedure in place in case of an emergency situation. This not only means that your staff lives are safe, but it also helps save time.


A&R Security Services can provide effective corporate Security Services to business in Cardiff and the surrounding area. To see how our security services can benefit your business take a look here or to arrange a free quote call us on 01656 713950


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Has knife crime in England and Wales reached a record high?

Within the UK, the police and ministry of justice have seen an increase in knife crimes and this year the number of cautions and convictions has reached record levels.

In September 2019 14,135 offences were recorded and when the number of offences involved possessing other weapons was added, the total was almost 22,300.

It has been reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lead a new cabinet committee to look at ways to tackle the increase in knife crimes across England and Wales. The announcement of the new cabinet committee came after data released by the Office for National Statistics in October revealed that recorded Offences involving knives or sharp instruments hit a record high in the year to June – up 7% on the previous 12months to 44,076.

With the increase in knife crimes, the MoJ (Ministry of Justice) figures show that for most offenders this was their crime. Although many offenders are experiencing carrying a weapon to be their first crime, it has been reported that offenders are now more likely to be handed an immediate jail sentence for knife and weapon offences and for longer periods.

In September, 38% of knife crime offences resulted in an immediate custodial sentence compared with 23% for the same period in 2009. Whilst the number of knife crimes resulted in immediate custodial sentence increased so did the average length of prison sentences – from 6 to 8 months.

BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said ‘The record number of knife possession offences could reflect greater use of police stop-and-search powers, as well as a rise in the number of people carrying knives’

To read more about the article click here

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