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What is Concierge Security?

Whether you visit a hotel or a large corporate building in Cardiff, you will see someone on the reception desk welcoming visitors and answering queries. However, with recent events making businesses such as these step up their security, many are investing in concierge or Front of house Security services.

But if you are looking to invest in Concierge Security, do you know what it is?

Here we look at what concierge security is and what the service entails.

What is Concierge Security?

Concierge Security acts as another form of reception where they greet visitors to your building, take messages and answer any queries. But Concierge security staff also have the ability to control access to your building (whether that is internal or external) monitor CCTV and quickly responding to any emergency situations.

What services does Concierge Security provide?

Control access to your building

If your business deals with a lot of sensitive information or expensive equipment, you want to keep unauthorised personal out. Concierge security guards can check who is coming into your building and issue them key cards or fobs that only allow them into certain parts of your building. If your building can only be accessed with a key code, card or fob from the outside and visitors are there to see someone within your building, they can check and grant access when approved and have them sign a visitors log.

Monitor CCTV

Many businesses have CCTV within their building but during the evening it can difficult to arrange a member of staff to monitor CCTV.

Concierge Security guards can monitor CCTV cameras throughout the day and evening, ensuring that anyone acting suspiciously or trying to break into your building are quickly responded too and apprehended. Alongside looking out for suspicious activity within your building, concierge security guards can monitor CCTV for any maintenance issues and quickly notify your facilities management team.

Deal with emergencies

Whether its someone seriously hurt or a fire alarm going off, it important to have someone who knows how do deal with an emergency in a professional manner. Concierge Security guards are fully trained to deal with any kind of emergency, whether that is administering first aid to a visitor or member of staff, calmly instructing staff and visitors to exit the building in a calm manner if there is a fire or to quickly apprehend a criminal and escort them from the premises.

Carry out Health & Safety checks

Health and safety should be a top priority when wanting to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors. Concierge security guards can carry out health and safety check within your building, ensuring that there the correct H&S procedures are being followed and report any maintenance issues.


If you are looking for concierge services for your business, then speak to A&R Security Services. We ensure that we provide a tailored service that suits your needs and our concierge security guards provide visitors and staff 5-star customer service. If you wish to find out more about our concierge security services, then visit our website or give us a call on 01656 713950

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