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Government backs Martyn’s Law airport security for venues

In May 2017 the UK witnessed the biggest and most terrorising attack at Manchester Arena, where 22 people lost their lives. Since then the UK government has increased its terror threat and has increased security measures such as banning backpacks and large bags from large concert venues to prevent further harm to the public and prevent further terror attacks.

Since the attack, there have been campaigns to increase anti-terror security measures. This includes a campaign led by Ms Murray after her son Martyn Hett was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing. Her campaign wants to see concert and sporting venues to have airport-style checks to prevent further terror attacks against the public and in January 2020 the government-backed ‘Martyn’s Law’.

Security Minister Brandon Lewis said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ‘100%’ behind the plans for bag searches and metal detectors at venues across the UK.

In January 2020, Manchester City Council announced that they were adopting the new law early and although there are no set deadlines to when venues will be seeing these new security measures, Ms Murray was happy with the move.

Now, the Home office has said it will consult on Martyn’s Law and see which venues will need to prepare for any terror risk.

Ms Murray said, “This consultation is the start of making us all that bit safer”… “Public venues already have all sorts of obligations from fire prevention to health and safety – but until now there has been no duty to protect their customers”…”Martyn’s law will change that. It’s a common-sense step that will save lives in the future”

To see more about Martyn’s Law story, visit the BBC website here.

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