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Improving your corporate security

When running a corporate business, especially a large one, it can sometimes mean that some things such as security can be placed on the back burner. However, you shouldn’t put your business’ security as an afterthought. In the UK, crimes against businesses cost around £9 billion pounds per year, which means it’s imperative you secure your business and assets.

To ensure your business’ safety, you may want to consider hiring security services to prevent harm to your staff and your business’ reputation.

No matter the types of business you have, protecting your staff and visitors should be a top priority especially if you want to make them feel safe within the workplace.

To ensure that your staff and visitors are safe from harm, here are some suggestions that could be implemented when looking to hire a professional security provider.

Ensure staff are protected

Ensuring your employee’s wellbeing and safety should be a top priority and having professional security will let them know that you consider their safety.

Within emergency situations, you should protect your staff by having them evacuate your building safely. However, staff shouldn’t be subject to threatening or violent behaviour

To ensure the safety of your employees and prevent any unauthorised persons from entering your building, think about issuing your staff with ID cards and pin codes for door access.

If you have a reception area that sees a high frequency of people, then hiring manned guards can give that added level of protection – quickly responding to anyone or anything that may be suspicious.

Increase visibility with high-quality CCTV

Installing CCTV cameras will allow you to see any potential threats and quickly respond to them. Within businesses there are many blind spots that trespassers can exploit, meaning that they can be difficult to see or even identify. Having CCTV cameras in areas that cover blind spots not only means that you can spot a potential threat, you can also use footage as evidence of a crime taking place within your business.

Identify Risks and Objectives.

Conducting risk assessments prior to hiring a professional security service will highlight areas within your business that will need additional security.

If your business sees a high frequency of visitors, consider implementing visitor security procedures with your reception or concierge – instructing them to issue visitor ID passes and having them sign a visitors’ book.

If your business operates during the evening, it may be worth in hiring manned guards to work during unsociable hours to maximise security.

First aid training and evacuation procedures

Within a business, accidents happen, whether that is a fall or a cut. It’s standard procedure for businesses to have a designated first aider on-site, in case any accidents do happen. If an accident does happen, manned guards can quickly respond and act accordingly. To ensure that accidents don’t happen within your business, conduct regular checks on workspaces, stairwells and access points.

If your business is large, it is important to have an evacuation procedure in place in case of an emergency situation. This not only means that your staff lives are safe, but it also helps save time.


A&R Security Services can provide effective corporate Security Services to business in Cardiff and the surrounding area. To see how our security services can benefit your business take a look here or to arrange a free quote call us on 01656 713950


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