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How to ‘squatter proof’ your empty industrial unit

Industrial units are dotted all across the Cardiff area – with many being home to businesses. But when landlords have an empty industrial unit, it could attract unwanted attention such as squatters. Although squatting in non-residential properties isn’t ‘illegal’, many landlords of empty industrial units are reluctant to invest in updating their security.

However, updating your empty industrial unit’s security is a much easier and cheaper option than trying to evict squatters.

But how do you fully protect your industrial unit from squatters?

Protect and secure doors

Unprotected or unsecured doors such as fire exits, or entry doors are easy ways for squatters to enter your unit. Securing entry doors with solid steel security doors and other doors such as fire exits are fully secure. Remember, some doors only have one catch or no locks.

Protect your windows

Like doors, unsecured windows are an easy way for squatters to gain access into your unit. To protect your unit, cover windows with steel and use ant-tamper fixings. It may not add kerb appeal, but it will certainly stop squatters from getting in.

Securing skylights

If your unit has skylights, make sure that they are secured. Many squatters will try to climb through them to gain access but don’t realise, there may be a large drop and the surface isn’t soft.

Security Alarms

To ensure that no one gains access to your unit, install a security alarm. Installing a security alarm allows either yourself or security staff to quickly respond to intruder alerts.

Decommission utilities

Many units will have water, gas and electricity still being provided to them. Decommissioning utilities like electricity, gas and water will make your unit less appealing to anyone looking to make your unit their home.

Carry out regular checks

Carrying out regular checks on your unit ensures that all is in order and nothing has been disturbed whilst you have been away. If you cannot perform the checks, we can provide mobile patrols to perform regular checks around and inside your unit. This will make your insurers much happier.


If you have an industrial unit that is empty and are in need of additional security, get in touch with us on 01656 713950 or visit our website to see more of our services.

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