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How to get the right security for each phase of construction

Within the construction industry in Cardiff, theft and vandalism is one of the biggest reasons why construction sites lose money and go over their scheduled completion dates. Having professional security to protect your site is a good way of deterring criminals from your site, but with constructions sites constantly changing, security measure have to too, to ensure that your site is fully protected throughout different construction phases.

To see how you can fully protect your site through the different stages of construction, then keep on reading.

The Foundation phase

The start of the project usually has the least amount of people involved, as the foundations are laid during the first phase of a construction project. As the laying of the foundations usually don’t entail expensive material or equipment, security won’t have to be so tight compared to the later stages.

At this stage, it is best to establish a perimeter by using high fencing. This shows that this is a no-entry zone for unauthorised personnel.

Structural phase

This phase usually entails many different tradesmen and specialists coming in to construct the carcass of your building. During this time it can be difficult to monitor who is coming in and out of your site and this is where construction managers are unaware that there potentially unauthorised personnel on-site. Access controls such as key cards or physical manned guards that are placed at key access points such as main gates can monitor who is coming in and out of your site and also deter anyone else trying to gain unauthorised access to your site.

To give added security at night, installing CCTV cameras and sturdy fencing will prevent people from coming in and catch anyone who does manage to find their way onto your site. Also have security officers perform mobile patrols around the perimeter of the site can dissuade anyone from approaching your site.

Final phase

This is the most important part of construction and the one time where the most amount of expensive material and equipment is on-site. To prevent these from being stolen and potentially slowing the schedule of the site down, it is important that you have lock-tight security. As the main construction work is focused on the building itself, the security fencing that was around the perimeter can be moved inside in order to capture any unwanted activity taking place within the building.

Using sensors inside your building can help catch unauthorised personnel if someone enters the building after hours.

We at A&R Security Services can provide professional security solutions to construction sites in and around the Cardiff and South Wales area. To find out more about our security services, visit our website or to arrange a free quotation call us on 01656 713950

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