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Keeping yourself safe at concerts in Cardiff

Cardiff is a young city but has a fast-growing creative scene and has proven itself to be one of the best places for live music concerts in the UK. With the Principality Stadium playing host to top musicians such as Take That, Ed Sheeran, the Spice Girls and Pink!

But with recent terror attacks on concerts such as the Ariana Grande Manchester attack, large stadiums such as the Principality Stadium have had to boost and tighten its security measures, to make sure that you the public are safe.  But even with tighter security, there are criminals who are there to ruin your fun. With concerts, thousands of people will be flooding into venues like the Principality Stadium to reach their seats or to get the prime spot by the stage. But with so many people packed in corridors, seats and by the stage – these can present the perfect opportunity for criminals.

So, what can you do to keep yourself safe at concerts?

Take a cheap or older model phone – Now everyone likes to share what they are doing online and take pictures of a once in a lifetime experience. But taking your latest modelled phone to a concert can attract pickpocketers. To prevent them from taking your phone, take an older model or cheaper phone so that you are not worried about it being stolen or going missing.

Take a bumbag or money belt instead – Rucksacks and handbags can easily catch the sight of pickpocketers as these can be easily opened or grabbed in large crowds. So instead take a bumbag or money belt that sits in the front of yourself.

Download ‘Find my Phone’ – Having ‘Find my phone’ can be incredibly useful as you can track it if anyone were to steal your phone.

Sexual harassment and Violence

Sexual Harassments and attacks – In concerts you are in very close quarters and many criminals will try to either sexually harass you or attack you. If you feel pressured into anything, get the attention of either a friend or the concert security staff.

Stay in a group – As mentioned before, you will be in very close quarters with other people visiting the concert and you can easily lose sight of your friends. If you are in a group try to stay close and if you do lose each other in a crowd, arrange to meet at a point outside of the venue at a certain time.

Report it – A lot of people will focus on the act that is performing on stage, but you should still be vigilant of any sexual harassment or violence. If you see anything, report it to the event security or the police. Also, if you see any suspicious activity inside the concert or anyone carrying weapons – report it immediately.


Drugs – If you are drinking at a concert be aware of people trying to spike your drink with illegal drugs. When drinking, make sure that your drink is in front of you or the top is covered by your hand/thumb or cap. Do not accept any illegal high from anyone, no matter how much they try to persuade you.

Hydration – Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Terrorism – As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, terror attacks on concerts have seen an increase and so if you see any suspicious-looking items left, report it to the event security and move away as far as possible.

Call 999 – If you think there is an emergency at the concert call 999 and get the attention of the event security staff with radio mics or walkie talkies.

Don’t accept a stranger’s bag – No matter how nice or normal they look, do not accept a strangers bag or any other object that they may ask you to look after.

Follow emergency instructions – If there is an emergency at the concert you’re attending, keep calm and follow the instructions of the event staff and/or emergency services.

Keep your phone charged – Make sure that your phone is fully charged in case you have to call emergency services. It is also good practise to take a portable charger with you if your phone does run out of charge.

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